USMC wood engraved coasters set of 4 with United States flag base

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Official Hobbyist of the USMC; License number 20089

Set of 4 wood coasters that have the USMC emblem engraved into the wood. The base is wood that is a flag that has been carved. Each coaster sits inside the flag stripes. The engraved areas are painted. This will make the perfect barware to sit your glasses on to protect your furniture and when they are not in use it makes a beautiful display. It would make a awesome housewarming gift for the Marine family. The drink coasters work perfectly and are solid with no tipping or spilling issues.

Made of solid wood, the base measures 9 x 6 inches. The stars are painted black, the engraved stripe is painted red and the rest is left a light stained natural color. Each coaster measures 5 inches in diameter. and is left a natural wood tone. Each one is made to order.

Thank you for your interest. Each one is unique and the finished color may vary from pictures due to the natural difference in each wood piece. Please ask if you have any questions.